Just how my mind works

Honest to god, everything I think is usually numbered. I split everything into lists. Sometimes very intricate lists. I think B was astonished once when I was making our grocery list and I started telling him how it had to be done, with categories and sub-categories that must be considered in order.


1. Here is a website that you should go read. I found it through Dooce, who I read religiously, as all bloggers must.

2. I think I'm just about sick of Obama. I'll still vote for him because I think he's a little bit better than McCain, but I don't like him anymore. Too many of his policy platforms are making me angry. Why can't we just elect me as Dictator of the World? Huh?

3. The first thing I would do as Dictator of the World is to decree that if one more person cuts me off on Mopac, they lose all driving privileges for the rest of their lives.

4. I have lost 7 pounds in the last couple of weeks with absolutely no effort. I am pretty sure it has to do with weaning Saul. I still regret that I couldn't nurse him longer, but thank god this weight is finally coming off. Everyone tells you that nursing will help you lose baby weight, but that's a huge load of bull. For every extra calorie you burn, you stuff 5 calories in your face and are still hungry. (Stinky Dog, don't listen to me. Breast is best, blah, blah)

5. This is so creepy it's not even funny. I don't know about you, but if someone approached me wearing these, I would think that the Disney Industrial Complex has finally set loose it's master plan to take over the world by sending Disney themed zombies to eat my brains.

6. I so want to go to Maker Faire this fall. If someone would like to buy me tickets for my birthday, that would be excellent.

7. Saul now says Da (Daddy), Duh (Doggie) and kih-kah (kitty cat). He still won't say mama. He also finally waves, although it looks more like he's trying to punch you.

8. Time to work.

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