For Jill

who is fascinated by refrigerator contents

Unfortunately, the only thing interesting is the two pieces of birthday cake that were so rich we couldn't finish them.


Jill said...


I think that it's interesting that you have 2 gallons of milk.

Also, I'm suprised at how common Hershey's syrup is.

And A-1 sauce.

Although, both are certainly delicious.


Felix said...

You don't want to see the contents of my refrigerator.

Trust me on this.

Steph said...


Unfortunately, I have to correct you. That is not Hershey's syrup. It is HE-Buddy chocolate syrup and it is not delicious. However, I feel too bad to throw it away because it is full.

But I certainly agree about the A1 sauce.


Is that where you're keeping the bodies?

Jill said...

Even an empty fridge is interesting because it makes me wonder why it's empty.

Fiend said...

My refrigerator has a tendency to evolve life. However, it's pretty empty right now. Except for the slightly dodgy sandwich meat and the wilted lettuce.

Felix (still writing from another computer because I'm to lazy to log out and log back in)