In which she rants about meatloaf and over uses her parenthesis privileges

Last Wednesday night, I made meatloaf muffins, using Jill's recipe. For anyone who doesn't know, the biggest divisions in the meatloaf world are caused by what type of starch to use. The majority falls into the bread crumb camp. In my opinion, this is why most people don't like meatloaf very much. The recipe I have always followed, which was handed down to me from my mom (but probably not much further, since it involves Hunts Meatloaf Fixins [which appears to now be called 'seasoned tomato sauce,' but I know the truth]), uses rice, but Jill's recipe used oatmeal. I was torn. I wanted to try the novelty of oatmeal, but I was unwilling to give up the comfort of rice. Finally, I made two separate batches. I am happy to say that there was a party in my mouth for both versions, and both made a mighty fine meatloaf sandwich the next day. Just don't try it with bread crumbs.

BTW, no one needs to email me about the shame of making my cornbread without a cast iron pan. I know. But it was a weekday night and I was lazy.


Jill said...

In my whole life I've never heard of meatloaf with rice. Interesting.

I am so happy the muffins turned out ok - I left out mushrooms from the recipe and I was worried about not enough ketchup.

I'm relieved.

Steph said...

I don't think I would have included the mushrooms anyway. They aren't my favorite.

Try it with rice sometime - just a bag of dry, boil-in-bag rice for 1.5 lbs of meat. Yummy.