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I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful city. I sometimes wonder if all the poor souls still in flat, barren, generic DFW and flat, swampy, generic Houston know what they are missing. Why would you want to live anywhere else when you could have this is in your backyard?

It is rare to find beer cans, cigarrette butts, and other trash in the greenbelt. People around here seem to respect nature more than other places I have been. Instead, you are much more likely to find rock-pile art

and happy, worn out dogs.


Yam said...

It gets even more beautiful as you get further in. Someday you need to join me for the all-day hike to the springs, maybe with a picnic lunch at the halfway point.

I especially like the towering cliffs on either side of the trail and the periodic disappearance and reappearance of Barton Creek as dips underneath its limestone bed.

Felix said...

I second that emotion. It's a great hike for an unhurried day. Might be a little warm in June/July, though. Perhaps you could take a lead from the canines and use the water to cool off from time to time? Or end with a refreshing plunge into Barton Springs?

Would it be possible to stash a car somewhere near the endpoint so that you'd have an easy way to get back?

Yam said...

A car could be stashed at any of the trail access points along the way, or at Barton Springs itself (for a few bucks), or at any of several Town Lake Trail parking lots within a mile or two of the springs.

(Felix, did you realize that the end of the greenbelt trail is the beginning of the ten-mile improved trail around town lake??)

You could even spread the hike out over several days, with each one covering a few miles to the next access point :)