You know what's strange?

How you can get so used to something out of the ordinary that it becomes totally ordinary until you think about it. And how most people will just ignore the thing as long as everyone else does.

Our department at work acquired a small, retro-modern side table when we first moved to this building. We decorated it with a stubbornly non-blooming orchid, some origami flowers, and some plastic bowling pins, and placed it in the middle of the aisle. It has been there so long that no one really notices it. But the other day, I watched someone from outside the company visit our department. He kept glancing at the table (and also the huge paper-mache chicken that sits on a filing cabinet), but he never said a word or asked anyone about it. Generally, no one ever does. It's especially funny when serious people from outside companies visit in their fancy suits and ties and have to detour around it, but still never say a word.


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