Only depressing in the middle

This has become one of my favorite songs of late, and the video is strangely attractive.

I tend to dislike Father's Day, since I have been rather disappointed in my dad. I've never had a good relationship with him, and I haven't spoken to him since my wedding 2 1/2 years ago. That also happens to be the day he didn't show up for my college graduation. I kind of always thought that his first grandchild would be something that would maybe cause him to rethink our relationship. I have harbored the secret hope that when I got pregnant, he would call me or contact me in some way. However, he hasn't. So I'm finally working on giving up hope. I have to make the positive decision that he will not be in any way involved in my child's life. I hate to make it so final, but for my sanity, and B's, I think it has to be that way.

I'm hoping that by this time next year, Father's Day will only make me think of B. It should be a lot nicer that way.

On a happier note, the miserable morning (noon, and night) sickness that has plagued me for the last few months, and the total lack of energy has disappeared. In it's place is an appetite that makes me fear for our grocery budget, and a bizarre constant craving for Honey Nut Cheerios and skim milk. Gender will be determined on July 14th, so anyone who would like to get in their bet should email me before then. So far, most of my family votes for a boy and the rest of the world is voting for a girl.


Felix said...

Considering our paternal family's track record over the past three or four generations, my money is on "boy". But I'll cheerfully corrupt the mind of either variety.

Yam said...

Does our 100% "boy" record go back further than two generations? I wasn't aware.

Felix said...

I think grand-dad S. had one sister and two brothers. You should probably check with more knowledgeable parties if you're really curious.