Are you kidding?!

On Friday, I got a jury summons. They can't make me have jury duty at 8 1/2 months pregnant, right? I got a statement from my doctor with my due date, and have faxed it in, but I'm waiting to hear whether I get a pass.

I feel kind of bad, because I'm all for doing my civic duty, but I really don't think anyone would appreciate stopping the trial when my water broke. Or for that matter, pausing every five minutes for me to take a bathroom break.

The last time I got called for jury duty was about two years ago. I sat for a week on an awesome trial about whether an antique gun was fraudulently claimed to have been owned by Buffalo Bill Cody. There were hostile witnesses and historians and last-minute evidence and we all got to play with the gun. It was like an episode of Perry Mason. I wouldn't mind another experience like that, but I don't think all trials are as cool as that one.

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