Pie, part two

Yum, peaches and raspberries. How can you go wrong?

For the first pie, I had rolled out the dough directly on my granite counter tops. B suggested that perhaps a chilled surface would have worked better, so this time I put some cookie sheets out and filled them with bags of frozen vegetables while I made the pie filling. By the time I was done, the granite was nice and cold. And sure enough, this time the dough rolled out fairly easily and mostly stayed in one piece. I was even able to get a little fancy with a kinda-sorta lattice top.

This pie was definitely prettier than the last.

Until I cut into it. I should have listened to all those people who commented on allrecipes.com who said it worked better to drain the filling for 15 minutes before using it.

Still, the crust was good. And the filling was good, even though you had to use a spoon. Perhaps this pie would have done best served over ice cream?

BTW, links to the recipes I used can be found here (apple) and here (peach).

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