Scanning project back on!

A few years ago, I spent a long time working on a project to scan all the pictures from my family's photo albums, crop and do minor fixes on everything, and then make sure that everyone had copies of everyone else's pictures on CD. I finished all of my mom's and grandma's photos (I assume my dad has thrown away any pictures of us) and made it through two of B's mom's albums. I love the fact that I have copies of pictures from when my sister and I were babies, of my Grandpa in the navy stationed in Korea, and of my parents as teenagers. I was also really enjoying going through B's family photos one by one and getting to know his family history. Many of the photos I have scanned are faded and the colors are off. I'm amazed at how much I can improve the pictures and I feel like I'm preserving things that might otherwise be worthless soon for being in such bad shape.

When we moved to our house, the project was put to the side in favor of more immediate and more urgent house projects, but I've been meaning to get back to it for awhile. Now that I'm not able to be quite as active as before, I've finally hooked my scanner back up and gotten out the albums that my MiL let me take a few visits ago. Along with a few albums from when B was a kid, I got a few boxes of loose photos. This is my favorite so far: it shows B as a punk teenager with his grandpa, about to graduate from TAMS.

I think it's absolutely amazing that our son will be able to see all his family pictures from both sides anytime he wants.

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