Genoise *updated*

Genoise is a sponge cake. It is made by whipping the crap out of some eggs and sugar and vanilla and then very gingerly folding in pastry flour and butter. I forgot to take pictures of this whole process, but it was very stressful for me. The Book kept reminding me to BE GENTLE and DON'T LET IT FALL. I guess I did an ok job.

Genoise is both drier and crumblier than most American sponge cakes. For that reason, French people usually soak theirs in liqueurs or jams or chocolates or other super decadent stuff. I decided to use mine to make a strawberry shortcake. A French strawberry shortcake. You might even call it a sablé de fraise. Or something.

Anyway, if there's one thing I can make, it's homemade whipped cream. A spoonful of yogurt is my secret ingredient.

I am not capable of icing a cake to look nice.

Genoise tastes okay. It doesn't taste as good as angel food cake. Or regular white cake. But it was pretty good, as is anything that is topped with strawberries and whipped cream. But I don't think it was as fluffy as it should have been. I guess I wasn't gentle enough. I'm starting to get frustrated with The Book. For all the work I'm doing, these recipes should taste better dammit! I might skip out on the rest of the 10 basic recipes and go find something fun to make. After all, once the baby is born I will have to quit eating rich desserts at least until I can fit into my old jeans again.

*Update* Apparently all this cake needed was an overnight soak in strawberry juice and whipped cream. Because I'm having my second taste now and it is YUMMY!

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