Making an effort

My new compost bin should arrive today or tomorrow. I am quite excited to start composting, although I'm disappointed that I can't afford a more sophisticated worm system. I'm planning on putting the bin near my vegetable garden in the backyard, which is surrounded by chicken wire to keep the deer out.

Let me tell you, the neighbors are going to love this.

Do you think they will tolerate it better if I offer them some fresh compost for their gardens? Homegrown tomatoes might go over better, but I have a feeling that B is going to wolf them down just as soon as I can pick them, so I'd better not plan on extras.


belle said...

Your garden looks beautiful; I just love lil baby veggies,what is the last photo...beans? I don't think the the neighors will even notice , my compost is never offensive

Steph said...

The last photo is black-eyed peas. Yum!

Unfortunately, these pictures are from a few weeks ago. A few big storms and some evil grasshoppers have made it much less inviting...