Monday Morning Saul

I am sick sick sick. My nose is bright red and stuffy. I can barely hear anything because my ears are plugged up. My sinuses are stinging. And I'm so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open, even after gulping down a huge cup of coffee. If it weren't my busy week at work, I would have stayed home today.

I know you would love to hear me complain some more, but instead, let's just stick to mostly pictures.

Saul frequently sleeps with his butt up in the air now. Don't you just want to snorgle his neck?

Sometimes you need to air out your junk. And there is nothing in the world cuter than little round baby butt.

Squeaky clean and wearing his bathrobe for the last time before it went into the 'too small' bag in the closet.

I wonder if he dreams about camera flashes. I can't resist taking pictures of him while he's asleep. Especially since that's the only time he is still these days.


Bimbo said...

He is so super cute, I just want to bite his arm off!!

How was your first mothers day?

audraleigh said...

hey this is audra your cousin, i was at the hospital today and grandpa was asking me to start reading your blogs and to tell you that he said that you looked absoulty beautiful when you came to see him and that he was going to come home soon to read your blogs. i guess thats it just wanted to let you know that he keeps talking about you. luv ya audraleigh