It's getting downright dangerous around here. Last week, some dude put a bomb in front of a South Austin women's clinic, and now yesterday, a South Austin woman finds a pipe bomb in front of her house. Notice that both incidents happened in South Austin? That's because North Austin is a sprawling metropolis that aspires to be a Houston suburb. South Austin is where all the crazies live, myself included. There is a bumper sticker that I see around here a lot -South Austin: We're All Here Because We're Not All There! (I would get one if I could find one.) Anyway, if any of you are planning to come visit us anytime soon, you might want to bring your body armor.


Anonymous said...

Shh! You'll scare Fiend!

Actually, the AAS article says that the bombing suspect had moved from south to north Austin a few weeks ago. Which, I suppose, doesn't detract from the essential craziness of your side of town.


Steph said...

Fiend can't be scared off by a little old pipe bomb, can she?! Come on, this is Texas! We have gunfights on the street everyday at high noon! It's a tourist attraction!

We're very proud of our eccentrics, but if the bomb-toting ones want to move up North, I guess I'm okay with that.