Celebrity Encore

Dan Rather can kiss my granola-crunching, tree-hugging ass. I need to enter my Excel Trance(TM), but Mr. Rather is visiting and has caused the entire marketing department to enter a highly agitated state of bliss/panic. Its like the entire building is vibrating with manic PR energy. Plus, the entourage took up all of the good parking places. At least our new building is big enough. Once, Fortune magazine came to do a photo-shoot at the old building and the only place they could fit everything was the break room, and they completely blocked access to the refrigerators and my contraband Diet Vanilla Coke for several hours.

Wow, I'm grouchy today. The good news is that I no longer drink Diet Vanilla Coke, and I have an electric kettle at my desk for my tea, so invade away, TV people! I defy you!

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