Me and Pemberley

  • So those of you who have known me for awhile are probably aware of my Jane Austen fanaticism. I have read all the continuations, seen all the movies, and hated most of them. I finally saw the new Pride and Prejudice last night, and I was fully expecting to be disappointed. However. I thought it was the best adaptation I've ever seen, even better than the BBC miniseries. Obviously, a lot had to be cut out, but all of the plots and subplots remain mostly intact. Also, for once, the script writers realized that maybe Jane Austen could write better dialogue than they could. Bingly was exactly the Bingley in my head. And the photography was stunning. The only thing that wasn't good was the lack of emotional restraint. You would think they were remaking one of the Bronte books or something
  • The first time I ever read a Jane Austen book was during my senior year of high school. Pride and Prejudice was assigned for the home-schooling English course I had to take to make up for the year I missed. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I skimmed. And wrote a BS paper. And then I forgot all about it. I don't remember why I picked up Emma right after I moved to Austin, but I did. And I was in love. So I went and tried Pride and Prejudice again. To my amazement, it had transformed into something great. Now I read all of Jane Austen's books at least once a year. They are all my favorite.
  • About two hours ago, I took a bite of blueberry bagel with mustard and the first thing I thought was "this tastes exactly like Jane Austen reads." Make of that what you will.
  • I don't think B enjoyed the movie quite as much as I did.


Jill said...

blueberry bagel with mustard....interesting

also, i celebrate your passion for Austen.

Steph said...

It was actually a ham sandwich made on a blueberry bagel. But the first bite was all bagel/mustard and no ham/cheese/spinach. Surprisingly tasty. As long as you leave the pickles off.