Here is a big difference between me and B: when something little bothers me, I tend to just live with it, while B goes out and changes it. For instance, if I have a pair of shoes that aren't quite comfortable, I just live with it, or I don't wear them as much. B buys inserts, or buys a different pair. Neither of those options would ever occur to me. Or if something in my truck is rattling, I don't worry about it unless parts are actually falling off while I'm driving (and even then, only if they are big pieces), while B would systematically hunt down the source of the rattling and then fix it.

So on the occasions when I discover that I can eliminate a minor annoyance without a lot of trouble, I am thrilled and impressed. Are you aware that you can buy a toilet seat cover without the rest of the toilet? Our house came with oh-so-fashionable wooden toilet seat covers (that was irony, Mom).

So while we were at Home Depot, we just bought new ones! It was as simple as that! And it didn't even require a screw-driver!

However, I was rather alarmed at the number of terrible toilet seats that are available for purchase. Now that I know how easy this is to change, no one should have any excuse for those vinyl squishy seats that always scratch your legs, and have to deflate for a minute after you sit down. And I was not previously aware of such things as colorful, 'designer' toilet seats, but they all look like they were designed by the same guy who decorated my dentist's office back in the 80's.

Finally, check out the guy at the bottom of this toilet-seat maker's web-page. Is he surfing? Dancing? Does he have a toilet seat at home that matches his kicky paisly shirt?


Yam said...

The kicky paisley guy is cruising for babes. He likes to hang out near public restrooms and tell the ladies "hey baby, come on back to my place. My toilet seat is clean and new, and it has some wild crazy patterns on the lid!"

Honestly it would be very difficult to find good ways to market a toilet seat. But this isn't one of them.

Felix said...

Speaking of big parts falling off of trucks.... what did you'all decide to do about those engine mounts?