Even more exciting than being an accountant!

So I've been working on knitting a sweater for close to a year now. I'm not even done with the first side because I chose a pattern that requires itsy-bitsy size two needles and lots of skinny stripes. This was an idiotic move on my part since this is my first sweater, but once you've bought all the needles and the 14 skeins of fancy expensive yarn, there's nothing to do but keep working away.

I keep taking breaks, however, to knit easy things like hats. Also, there has been quite the epidemic of pregnancy among my acquaintances lately, and tiny little hand-knit baby hats are a cute and quick present. I knitted the hat in the picture for myself because I liked the self-striping yarn so much, but now I'm thinking I might felt it down for a friend's son.

So there. I realized this morning that I have never blogged about my knitting before, and I apparently have a deep-seated need to out myself as one of the most boring people ever. But hey, buy me some yarn and I'll make you a hat!

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Tamara said...

I am so impressed I can't stand it! WOW! My knitting is limited to emmergent patterns of my forgetfulness, scarves, and blankets. You go girl!