Not to trespass on the Apartment Food Hobos' territory, but I baked last night! Cooking is a very occasional thing for me since B and I generally live off the Whole Foods 'oven-ready' section, so it always feels like an event. I tend to call my Mom and tell her about it and say things like "and I used real live flour!"

Anyway, I made an Upside-Down Butterscotch Apple Sour Cream Cake. Say that five times fast. It's made in a cast-iron pan, so you know it has to be good. And it was. We ate it warm, with vanilla ice cream, while watching an episode of the original Star Trek (Yes, we really are that nerdy).

The only thing wrong with it was the cake part. When I took it out of the oven, it was nice and fluffy, but by the time it had cooled for ten minutes, the whole thing was only about an inch thick. Still tasty, but not puffy. What did I do wrong? The same thing happened with my attempt at chocolate chip cookies a few weeks ago. Any suggestions?


Jill said...

That looks delicious and I am all for pictures of food.
TP makes me a pineapple upsidedown cake every year for my birthday.
Also, I think you can prevent the cakes and cookies from falling by eating them immediately when they come out of the oven.

julia said...

Hi ... found you through the Hobos ... I love your title. I constantly call cut-pile carpet "apartment carpet" and everyone looks at me funny (I am living in Austin in suburban purgatory, and want to replace my apartment carpet with something a little more stylish).

Um, about the baked goods, I'd toss that can of baking powder you've got going, and get a fresh one. Also, be sure to bake right after you mix up the batter of whatever-it-is.