We'll always have Paris...

I'm feeling nostalgic today. Of all the pictures I took in Paris, I think this is my favorite. Between the Seine, Notre Dame in the background, and the guy playing very French-sounding music on his accordion, it's like the essence of Paris. When I look back at our trip, my favorite parts were the times when we just wandered around aimlessly, got lost on the left bank, and sat on the steps to the quai eating crepes from street stands. Our trip was crowded with tourist attractions, which is certainly necessary, but now that I've checked off "seeing the Eiffel Tower," "visiting the Louvre," etc. from my list of Things To Do Before I Die, I think I would like to go back again and spend my time just enjoying the atmosphere. Next time I visit, I will spend days, rather than minutes at Shakespeare & Co, the bookstalls along the river, and the cafes.

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