Abnormalities: a self-indulgent list

Things Other People Like That I Don't Understand

Cartoons of any type:
I can tolerate things like the Simpsons and Family Guy and Finding Nemo, but I can't get excited about them. And I detest Looney Tunes and the rest. Why? Why the defiance of the laws of physics? And why the frantic humor? Why?

Eating out in restaurants:
So very stressful. Too many options. And people are always asking you things while your mouth is full. And it's always so crowded, like a big, animal feeding trough. And there's so much pressure to enjoy yourself. I do not enjoy myself.

Now that I'm older, I can enjoy chocolate bars and brownies, but they aren't my favorite. As a kid, I didn't like any chocolate at all. Given the option between chocolate and another dessert product, I will usually choose other. And I hate chocolate ice cream. Blech.

Raw Tomatoes:
They taste like something has gone bad.

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