Solicitating advice

So the ENT visit didn't go quite like I thought it would. I was surprised to find that Saul's hearing tested at the very low end of normal. The doctor said it would be a borderline case, except for the fact of Saul's penicillin allergy. The type of reaction he had, Erythema Multiforme can be very serious, and can also happen with many other drugs besides penicillin. Lots kids end up in hospital burn units because of it. So the doctor has recommended that we get tubes in Saul's ears in order to cut down on the number of times that Saul has to be treated with antibiotics and risk another reaction.

Tubes, of course, require general anesthesia and all the risks that go along with it, plus the trauma and pain of a (minor) surgery for Saul. So what do you think, internet? Did your kids get tubes? Did they survive? How was it?


MyUtopia said...

Like I mentioned earlier I had tubes put in twice. The second time I was in the second grade and remember it quite well. I have also had four eye surgeries staring at 18 months old. The tubes were no big deal. It was a little scary going into surgery but there wasn't any pain. My mom let me pick out a stuffed animal who got his own hospital bracelet. This helped a lot. The worst part is that I am allergic to anesthesia and always throw up after surgery.

Maternal Unit said...

If the ear tubes will cut down on his ear infections, which will cut down on his having to be on antibiotics... I would do the ear tubes as a preventative measure.

Aunt Becky said...

I would do it, its a routine surgery that Saul won't remember but will really benefit him in the long run.

Samantha said...

I had tubes! I'm fine, right?


I think my mom once told me I have 10% hearing loss in my right ear, but she probably doesn't remember. Saul will probably be fine either way.

An article, though:

Kelli said...

Hey Steph. Destiny had tubes put in her ears when she was 2. It was probably one of the best things I had done for her. before she had ear infection after ear infection. I was really reluctant as well. As far as the anesthesia goes, they are under for such a short amount of time. I think from the time they took her back to the time she woke up was less than an hour. She was really cranky afterward but once she had a nap it was much better. We got hot pink ear plugs for bath time and she did really well with those too. After the tubes her speech started to improve as well, I hadn't realized how much the repeat ear infections was starting to affect her speech. If you have any questions, please call me!

Steph said...

Thanks so much to everyone for the advice, but because of a discovery this weekend, the ear tubes are not under consideration anymore. Details on Monday Morning Saul.