Saul's allergist just called with the results of his blood test. The unsurprising result was that he has an extremely serious reaction to eggs. The unexpected result was that he is also allergic to peaches. Crazy. I have never in my life heard of someone being allergic to peaches, but whatever. The reaction was not a very strong one, but strong enough that there will be no more peaches. Poor kid, it's one of his favorite foods.

I've been avoiding thinking too much about the future until we got these results. Now I know for sure what's in store. I WILL be "that mom." I have no choice. The scariest thing in the world is to know that a common substance that's around all the time could put your child in the hospital or worse. I feel like there's a danger lurking around every corner and there's nothing I can do. Thank god I've got Carrie and Brad, who have been dealing with this for almost two years now, to support me.

It's a relief to know what has been making him sick, but I wish with all my heart that it was something I could fix.


MyUtopia said...

Poor kid!
I gave you an award over at my blog

Jilsnakes said...

I am sorry dear. From personal experience, weird allergies are terrible for the child, but they can be controlled with hard work from your family and friends. I was allergic to milk as a child.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of treatment reducing or eliminating these allergies?


Steph said...

Myutopia: thanks!

Jilsnakes: I didn't know that! Are you still? Did you grow out of it? When?

Felix: nope, food allergies do not respond to allergy shots like airborne allergies. And while the peach thing isn't that big of a deal, there's a possibility that the smallest amount of egg protein in a shot could set of an anaphylactic reaction. We will just have him tested every few years and hope he grows out of it at some point.

Blake said...

Awww boo! And PEACHES?! How strange. And how wonderful that you got that picture of him enjoying one so very much - it is priceless.

Fortunately you are very creative in the kitchen and he will always eat well, even if it has to be eggless.

Brett said...

My mum develop a reaction to rubber, and try avoiding that its every where

Badger said...

I have a husband allergic to latex, legumes (including soy), tree nuts and POULTRY, of all things. Also a son allergic to latex, and a daughter allergic to soy, tree nuts and mangoes. (I know, right?) I most definitely AM that mom, but it's not so bad, really. The constant vigilance becomes second nature pretty quickly.