Book awesomeness

So Kelly showed me this very cool site where you can keep an online catalog of books you have read. It's so very easy to add books that my entire reading list from 2006 to the present is there (maybe that's also cause I haven't read as many books as I would have liked).

Anyway, check out the side bar - a widget shows the last three books I have read/am reading. And then talk to me about the books. It'll be just like a book club! Except without the pressure and the crappy books that everyone but you wants to read and the need to bring wine and cheese and find a babysitter!

So neat!

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Dana Butt (Yes that is actually my real name now) said...

Hi there,
I always log on to read your blogs when I am having an blah day, they always make me smile. I hope poor Saul is feeling better, those allergy pictures were heart breaking! Love ya,