Beat down

I am not in such a great mood today.

*begin whine*Saul is sick, I'm behind at work, I'm feeling draggy and uninspired, and my house is a filthy mess. I think having a sick baby throws everything else off. All of a sudden, I'm not sleeping, I'm ignoring chores in favor of comforting a burning-hot whimpering child, and I have to interrupt my work every few minutes to change a diaper, get a sippy cup full of Pedialyte, or find the infant Tylenol.*end whine*

But I am thankful that I have such a flexible job that lets me *ahem* work from home when needed. I am going to have to put in a lot of overtime next week to finish up a quarter close, but I am confident that a weekend and a box of NoDoz will get me through.

Along with a little Lolcats...


MyUtopia said...

Whine away, there is nothing worse that a sick baby.

Blake said...

One luv holla, Steph... You are a trooper.