Brain Hat

We headed off this morning to the UT Childrens Research Lab again. This time, Saul got to wear the brain hat.

It wasn't as cool as that, but almost.

He started out enjoying himself immensely. There were two researchers who were paying all kinds of attention to him and so many toys that I could see his little baby eyes bugging out. Because B and I are terrible, selfish parents, we have very few toys that light up, make electronic noises, or do other annoying things. But at the CRL? There is no money spared in the interest of distracting kids long enough to glue electrodes to their heads. There was an unfortunate introduction to Elmo that I'm sure I will be regretting in the years to come. There was a mini piano thing that played some infant-friendly funk music. There were so many blinking lights that I tried to remember whether they screened for epilepsy among their subjects.

They put the brain hat on a few times and let him pull it off. He didn't care much, thanks to Elmo's electronic siren call. When they finally added the chin strap, he was a little bit annoyed, but again, Elmo saved the day.

But then she started squirting gel into the connectors and that set him off. He was NOT interested in having strange, squishy gel squirted under a cap all over his head. Cheerios and apple juice and finally a pacifier were required. The experiment itself, which involved watching a TV screen that flashed pictures of pleasantly smiling women, only took a few minutes. After the cap was off, Saul returned to his usual happy self and was rewarded with a bib and a new t-shirt.

Pictures coming soon.

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