Quick Saul update

Yesterday was a pretty bad day for Saul, probably because we had fed him peaches right before we found out he was allergic to peaches. He was extremely stuffed up and snotty, and he was wheezing whenever he took a breath. I gave him three breathing treatments, which he detests, and forced some Mucinex, which he also detests, down his throat. His breathing sounded so bad that I almost slept on the carpet next to his crib, but finally settled for turning the monitor up as loud as it would go so that I could hear his rasping all night.

This morning, he woke up happy. I gave him watered down apple juice instead of milk for breakfast, and for the first time in several days, he didn't throw it up on me. He was cheerful all morning, and didn't fuss, even when I made him play in the bathtub while I took my shower.

I was scared and overwhelmed yesterday, but this morning I am hopeful that if we are careful, we can make him feel good again. He's such a happy little boy anyway, it's hard to imagine how wonderful he will be when he doesn't feel like crap all the time.

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MyUtopia said...

I am so glad to hear that things are getting better!! I love the tubby picture!