A list of otherwise unrelated things

1. I've read at least two books recently that B refers to as "Steph's liberal propaganda." I have to agree with him. It frustrates me when books with very valid arguments are undermined by vitriolic and sarcastic tones and the assumption that people who disagree are idiots.

2. It's interesting that the health care debate in this country includes references to only Britain and Canada, both with socialist systems, when looking at options. Why don't we look more at other European countries that spend less money per person and enjoy better health?

3. I know I've said this many times before, but I really think Saul is about to get some teeth. Finally. Do you know that he is 10 months old and doesn't have a single tooth?! Not that I mind. The entire time I nursed, I never had to deal with the biting issue, and I love his gummy smile.

4. Lately, I am stressed to the breaking point. I manifest stress is a variety of lovely physical ways, such as headaches, stomach aches, eczema, and insomnia. So I quit the coffee cold turkey several days ago (I had a minor lapse yesterday, but McDonald's mochas are so nasty that I only took a few sips) and I am making a renewed effort to get to the gym at least four times per week. I should go back to yoga classes, but until I lose this baby weight, I'm afraid of doing a down dog and having my butt knock over the little anorexic hipsters that are usually on the next mat over.

5. Do you know that I keep up with over 30 blogs? I counted in my RSS feed. So why don't I have time to clean my house or organize my office?

6. That's a dangerous question and I'm not sure I want to go there.

7. I could really use some coffee right now.

8. Isn't it nice how a numbering system can make my rambling look kind of organized?


Blake said...

1. I admire your kicking the junk to the curb... I'm back on the caffeine super highway, and I totally wish I weren't. You are an inspiration - tomorrow morning maybe I'll go to half a cup of joe?

2. I want to read the books you have read/are reading.

3. Zoe is getting her teeth rather late (it seems to me), and Joel's youngest sister got her first one at one year. It's nice you didn't have any nipple biting.

4. I hope your stress decreases soon.

5. Yes, numbering is lovely. ;)

MyUtopia said...

I hear ya! Hope your stress level starts to decrease!

MyUtopia said...

Ps: I love Nickle & Dimed!