More spring pictures

This is the flagstone walk that leads to my front stairs. Last year, I spent all kinds of time and effort trying to keep the weeds out from between the rocks. This year, I have decided to embrace the clover.

The Marie Pavie rose makes a very fragrant stand

This is a blue lace-cap hydrangea that my coworkers sent me after the baby died. It was potted, and after a few weeks started looking terrible, but I couldn't bear to throw it away. Everything I read said that it could not survive in Texas. It can't take the heat, and it likes acidic soil - hard to find in limestone hills. But I planted it anyway, and it has miraculously survived. I cut it down almost to the ground a few weeks ago and it immediately began to put out shoots.

This is cherry sage. It grows like a weed around here and it seems like it blooms from March to November.

This is my neighbors' dogwood tree. These are also not supposed to grow here because they need very acidic soil. My neighbors, a very staid elderly couple, regularly get bags of used coffee ground from Starbucks to mix in to the dirt around it. That side of the yard - under the redbud and cherry tree and variegated ligustrum - always smells like espresso.

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