At home

B is home and acting like a big, cranky baby. Of course if I'd had my nose and sinuses all cut up and messed with, I would probably be much crankier than he is. He tries hard to be a stoic. But seriously. It hurts me just to look at him.

Anyhow, at least he's coherent today. Yesterday, he was all doped up on anesthesia and percoset and was not making a whole lot of sense on the way home. And since he is a lot bigger than me, I was a little bit worried about handling him. I mean, if he fell on the way up the stairs, it's not like I could catch him, right? Ah well, everything turned out fine in the end and he was safely set up on the couch.

So I am working from home today so that I can keep an eye on B, and I took Saul to daycare because I can't handle both of them at the same time. I'm also keeping a wary eye on Ike and preparing for possible incoming refugee family members. The good news is that I have a house now. When Rita came through, we were still in an apartment and I had step-brothers and sisters sleeping on the floor and my mom sleeping on the couch. Now, we're all fancy with an actual guest room. With a real live bed. Although guests have to share a bathroom with Saul, so I guess there's still a little bit of hardship in having to step around all the rubber ducks and plastic boats in the tub.

Ok, I'm rambling again. It seems to be a chronic problem for me. So why don't I shut up now and show you some ridiculously adorable videos? In the first, Saul signs 'please' to get a cookie and in the second, he makes out with the balloon that the grocery store lady gave him.


Bimbo said...

My nephew is so cute! Tell him I love him and I'll see him in a few weeks! I know he misses me!

BTW it was NPR. They did a show where they had a guy who never watched tv watch tv for two weeks and at the end he said he would drink Jon Stewarts bath water!

Love you!

Steph said...

That's right! I remember now! It was on This American Life. I'm such a public radio nerd.

Blake said...

That baby is ADORABLE. Love it.