Time troubles

I am sitting a waiting room right now while B has surgery on his sinuses. I was hoping to spend the day reading and doing crossword puzzles, but there are three VERY obnoxious people sitting here talking about bugs and cigarettes and how to score free tummy tucks by having more children than is natural.

So I am going to head over to Central Market (JUST KIDDING! I WOULD NEVER EAT AT THE COMPETITION!) and get me some munchies. I'm off work today, but I suppose it would be frowned upon if I came back for B after a few margaritas, huh? Ah well, I'll have to stick to my beloved Good Flow.

Oh wait!

Good Flow got shut down by The Man.

*Update* The nurse just came to let the obnoxious people know that their family member was out of surgery. Apparently she was getting a boob job. BIG SURPRISE.

Maybe more updates later. Maybe not. I will be quite busy tonight, what with toddlers and woozy surgery patients to take care of.

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MyUtopia said...

Hope surgery goes well!