Not much to say

Apparently if you don't post to your blog when a hurricane is coming, everyone thinks you're dead. I have news for you, internet: I live 200 miles from the coast. All we're going to get is a very windy weekend.

Anyway, things are lively here. Evacuees are pouring in, shelters are full, and grocery stores are empty. My mom is safe, but we are still quite worried about my step-father, who is presumably holed up in the (concrete) Lake Jackson jail as of about an hour ago. The sky is cloudy, most school has been cancelled to keep the roads clear, and we have all been given permission to leave work early to do whatever needs doing.

(Here is a story about some idiots. Surfside Beach is a few minutes from my mom's house. It's a pretty little town with neat houses up on stilts, so I hope it's still there next week.)

My main plan for this weekend is to enjoy my mom's company, since I don't see her nearly as often as I wish, and to get her hooked on Project Runway. We watched an episode last night and I think I'm making progress.

Happy weekend, everyone! Think nice, dry, un-flooded thoughts for us!

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Caroline said...

My husband's family vacations at Surfside a lot, and that's where he proposed. I hope the town makes it.