Monday Morning Saul

Wow, we had a busy few days there. My mom is safely back home, with electricity, although no cable or internet or gas stations or anything. Saul is missing her very much - he made up a sign for Grandma over the weekend and he kept signing it this morning while crawling from room to room in search of her. It was heartbreaking.

However, he learned all kinds of new things while she was here. He now says dog, cat, balloon, car, and good. My mom thinks he is also saying book, but I'm not certain on that one yet. He's practicing standing much more often and has started getting brave and taking a few steps away from whatever he's holding on to. He's signing all kinds of things, and making up signs to get his needs across (he even has a sign for "take me to another room now"). He points at everything and expects me to name what it is. He watches my mouth carefully while I say it, and then sometimes tries to imitate me. His tantrums have calmed down, probably because he can communicate much better all of a sudden. He's quite funny to watch lately. He has learned how to use his feet to get around on his riding toy, and now you have to watch out while you're in the living room, or he might careen into you. He walks on his hands and feet and tries to watch his toes while he's moving. He pulls cushions down from the couch and tries to sit on them by backing up, with little success but much hilarity for me.

This morning, he started in the pre-toddler class at daycare. He will sleep on a nap mat now instead of a crib. He will eat at a table instead of a highchair. He's not a baby anymore.


Bobby said...

i love the pic of Saul with the watermelon lol MUST HAVE WATERMELON

MyUtopia said...

My little one is missing his grandma too. They left this morning.