Monday Morning Saul

My Mom came into town this weekend, ostensibly to celebrate my birthday, but really just to see Saul. "Why don't you guys go out on Saturday night? I'll stay here and baby-sit for you. In fact, why don't you just get a hotel somewhere? Stay out the whole weekend if you want. Maybe I can just take him home with me and get him off your hands all together."

Nice try, Mom.

But we did go out. We went to Alamo to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona. It's the first movie we've seen since Saul was born that didn't involve lots of pauses, diaper change breaks, and pulling a small child off of the sub woofer about 23 times. I really enjoyed myself, but it's hard to say whether that was because the movie was so great, or because I got to sit in peace for two hours and eat my dinner uninterrupted.

Saul had an explosion of new talents this weekend. He learned the command "gentle" so that if you say it, he will pat your face nicely instead of walloping your nose. He started pointing to things he wants and then furiously rubbing his hand on his chest, which is sign-language for please. He will also kind of play catch with us, but not really, because he keeps accidentally throwing the ball backwards over his head instead of forwards to us. But still. And his obsession with putting lids on things has not abated. One of his favorite activities is putting the caps back on his medicine bottles in the morning and evening. Once, he even managed to balance the medicine syringe on top of the lid.

One thing we have to work on, however: some friends stopped by on Saturday with a small dog. Saul saw it, got excited, and proclaimed "kih-kah!" (kitty cat). There was no convincing him that it was a dog. Because he knows that dogs are big slobbery things like Monster, and kitty cats are small.

I didn't have my camera around for most of the weekend, and it's at home with B and Saul today (some of us don't get holidays). But here are a few pics that my Mom took.

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