Slow down!

A list of things that need doing but aren't being done because I'm sick and stressed:

Clean up all my recons and take care of last minute business at work before year end next week.
Actually complete the year end close next week (this will involve many 12 hour days).
Prepare for 7 house guests this weekend.
Clean up my filthy house.
Wrap all of Saul's birthday presents.
Find a recipe and prepare an egg-free cake.
Decorate. Um, balloons? I don't do parties. Ick. So help me god, we will NOT SING.
Figure out an agenda and menu to keep 10 people amused and fed for a weekend.
Prep B to take Saul for his one year check-up next Monday.
Get chicken wire fences rebuilt and plant fall garden before it's too late.
Reschedule a dentist appointment.
Finish my "professional development" project before year end (bonus depends on it).
One year portraits with Carrie next weekend.
Game night at my house next weekend.

Blechh. Perhaps the blogging with suffer. Or perhaps not. Perversely, the more I have to do, the more I tend to procrastinate and screw around on the internet. Oh, and do crossword puzzles. Whenever I'm really stressed, I either start skipping sleep to read lots of books, or I start obsessively doing crossword puzzles. This go round, it's the crosswords. I've even been keeping one in my car to look at during red lights. Thank god for B's lifetime subscription to Games Magazine.


MyUtopia said...

Noah will have an appointment on Monday too, but his will be his six month. We got a costume for him that actually fits! Woohoo!!

Anonymous said...

Game night?


Steph said...

Yup, all of our nerdy friends come over and we have Nerdy Game Night with Settlers of Catan and stuff like that. Although I don't know what we're going to play this time, since I have sworn off playing Settlers or Scrabble with B ever again.

Blake said...

You may know about cookiemadness.net already, but in case you don't... She has a few eggless recipes on her site, and one of the most recent is a vegan marble pound cake that looks scrumptious. Good luck finding a recipe! I hope you feel better soon!