Quick plug

I have been listening to a new NPR podcast called Planet Money. It explains macroeconomic policy in a way that is easily understood. I already have a basic understanding of the topics discussed, but I like the detail about the current situation that we have got ourselves in.

Ok, now two things about Saul:

1. About half an hour ago, he was sitting in the middle of my balance ball chair (in the place where the balance ball is supposed to go) holding a green rubber praying mantis in both hands and having a very serious conversation. I wonder what he thinks he is saying when he jabbers on in his little alien language.

2. Right now, he's asleep. I had to fight this morning to keep him awake until 11:30 (normal nap time is at noon), then he slept until 1:30, ate lunch, played for awhile, and then went back to sleep. And yesterday, when B brought him home from daycare, he went right back to sleep and took a rather long evening nap. And then still went to bed at a reasonable time and slept until almost 8:00 this morning. We transitioned to only one nap per day several weeks ago, so I think he must be having a massive growth spurt. I know B hopes that is what it is - he's still scared that Saul might be short like me.

Ok, back to work!

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