Monday Morning Saul

What a busy weekend! Saturday was Laney's 1st birthday. Saul was initially a little bit sullen after the long, hot car ride, and was not pleased when Laney kept trying to kiss his cheek. But after he calmed down a little, he had a great time playing with all of Laney's toys, splashing in the pool, chowing down on the fruit salad, and eating a ridiculous amount of ice cream. Laura was kind enough to have a piece of vegan cake for Saul, but he only took a few bites and then wanted the ice cream. After he and Laney got messy enough, we dumped them in the bath tub, where Saul's mood abruptly became much better, and they tussled over rubber ducks and splashed each other quite happily. The always fabulous Carrie was taking pictures the whole time, so I'm hoping to get a few copies later this week or next.

I hadn't realized the Laura lives on the same exit as Ikea, so of course I had to make a stop on the way home. We ended up being pretty late getting home, but I got a great new duvet cover, so it was worth it.

Last night, we visited some of B's friends who live a little ways out of the city and train horses. Saul was surprisingly well behaved, and only threw a few minor tantrums. He didn't break anything, and he didn't throw any food during dinner, although he still managed to create quite a mess. He got to meet a sweet old dog, who was incredibly patient at Saul yelled at him, banged on him, pulled his hair, and tried to stick a pacifier in his mouth. Initially, Saul wasn't sure about the horses, but eventually he got brave and poked them several times. One of the horses loved him, and nibbled on the back of his head very enthusiastically.

More and more, when Saul isn't paying attention, he will stand up by himself and even take a few steps. I think he's now fully capable of walking, but just lacking the courage to do it. I wish I had taken pictures of him last night, standing in front of a glass door, gazing raptly at horses, a dog, and an outside ceiling fan. Well, his birthday is next weekend, so we'll have plenty of family obsessively documenting everything he does. Perhaps we can catch him on film.


MyUtopia said...

We hit IKEA this weekend too. We got lots of little odds and ends. Noah grabbed a toy off out of a bin and wanted to eat it, so he got a toy out of the deal : )

Carpet cleaning London said...

Im planning on going to IKEA today.
These are really great pics Stef! Saul is such a cutie!