My baby isn't a baby

How is it even possible that Saul is a year old? How did that happen?

On Saturday night, I stood by his crib and watched him sleep. I imagined him as a newborn, remembering just how tiny he was, and how the little green alien doll that he now clutched in his hand was the same one that was half the size of his body when we first brought him home. I couldn't imagine how he had grown so much in just a year, how this little boy was the same person as the helpless infant that I brought home from the hospital.

Then I went upstairs and saw my eight year old niece, Tara, asleep on the couch. She had her arms thrown over her head the same way Saul does, and it stopped me in my tracks. Before I know it, Saul will be just as big as Tara.

Nothing makes you recognize the passage of time like having kids around.


MyUtopia said...

I hear ya, Noah turned six months yesterday.
I was listening to Pedicast Podcast and thought of you. http://www.pediascribe.com/podcast/
The latest episode talks about immunity in babies. He said kids need to get sick to build up their immunity. They will either get sick a bunch as babies when in daycare or a bunch when they start school. The doctor basically said, not to worry about it : )

Brett said...

Happy birthday Saul