B and I watched Governor Palin's speech last night. I tried my hardest to go into it with an open mind. I came out of it with a much more negative view than when I started. Here are a couple things I noticed:

Governor Palin made nine (I counted) personal attacks on Barack Obama.
Barack Obama made zero personal attacks on McCain last week.

During Governor Palin's speech, the crowd booed at almost every mention of Barack Obama or the Democratic Party.
During Barack Obama's speech, the crowd didn't boo even once.

Governor Palin used her speech to belittle and attack the Democratic Party.
Barack Obama used his speech to paint a picture of a better America that we can all strive for.

I was honestly shocked and disappointed to see all the negativity last night. I will withhold final judgement until I watch McCain's speech last night, but right now I am completely disgusted.

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MyUtopia said...

yeah all of the speeches were filled with bitterness and anger. It pissed me off