Update with a funny

Ok, I'm at Central Market now (JUST KIDDING!). I have neither margarita, nor Good Flow carrot juice, but I do have a cheeseburger, a cream soda, and a wonderfully shady porch, so I guess I'll survive.

Hey, remember like six months ago when I very rarely ventured into politics on this here blog thingamabob? Neither do I.

I don't remember who proclaimed that they would drink Jon Stewart's bathwater, but I whole heartedly agree.

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Julie said...

Brilliant! I somehow missed that last week, but I have been watching the Daily Show's coverage of the circus religiously the last couple of weeks. The hypocrisy coming out of the Republican party and the talking heads has been astounding!
Did you catch Samantha Bee's awesome piece about how she was voting for Sarah Palin because she had the same "gynocological equipment" as Hillary Clinton, so they were the same? It was crass and absolutely spot on.
I heart John Stewart too. So much so that I married a man who looks like he could pass for his much taller brother:)