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This is my 1,000th entry - can you believe that?! To celebrate, I will send a gift to the first person who comments. B, you're not eligible because you get the gift of my stunning wit and vivacity EVERY SINGLE DAY!

So this is going to be a pretty crappy 1,000th entry, because I am D-R-O-W-N-I-N-G in work right now. This is one of the things that sucks about being an accountant. You go along quite nicely with a reasonable workload and then BAM! it's time to close the books (we do it every fourth week here at WFM) and your workload triples or quadruples and it's awful. It sucks because there are so many things that have to be done all at once that can't be spread out. But oh well, that's part of the job I guess. Better than cleaning houses or car hopping at Sonic or being a secretary at a poorly run bureaucratic government hell-hole. Ahem.


Things I Have To Say About John McCain's Speech

1. He was generally respectful towards Obama and Democrats in general. Points to him.

2. I have no problem with protesters holding up signs, but yelling out things during his speech was inappropriate. More points to McCain for not losing his cool.

3. Being respectful doesn't count for much if you can't reign in your VP.

4. Has anyone checked to see if Cindy McCain is an android?

5. Have you noticed how much Republicans like to chant things? Here is a list of things I can remember off the top of my head that were chanted during the last two nights:

B. NBC! NBC! (don't get this one)
C. Drill, Baby, Drill! (creepy, yo)
D. John McCain! John McCain!
E. Plenty more incoherent chants.

People are cattle. I have a sampler that says that.


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